ELITE Cool Suit System
ELITE Cool Suit System
ELITE Cool Suit System
ELITE Cool Suit System
ELITE Cool Suit System

ELITE Cool Suit System

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I’ve seen it on the faces of young and old racers.

Heat stress.

It’s a real thing.

It’s HOT 🥵


You just want to get the race day OVER with and get things packed up so you can finally cool off. It’s JUST too HOT today.

How about a BETTER WAY to STAY COOL in your RACE CAR?

I Build THE BEST Cool Suit Systems for RACING.


It keeps your body temperature down so YOU can WIN at the track.

The Racers that I’ve set up, ask any of them. They’re commenting all the time saying “Hey Chris! Thank you SO MUCH, you’ve made the biggest difference.”


Get our Quick Change ELITE Cool Suit system today.


System Description:

The Ultra Chiller Elite system is a compact, lightweight cool suit system with quick change canisters. You can refill a single canister trackside with ice and water or purchase multiple canisters and have them ready to swap in seconds.

The Pro Drinking system option adds the ability to safely drink cool, filtered water from the chilled canister too.


Included in Package:

Elite system canister

Canister Lid

Mounting Bracket

The "whip" hose and pump unit


Loop Line (to drain unit or test without shirt)

Drink tube and filter assembly (Optional)