D.I.Y. How to build an Ice Chest Cool Suit System

Do It Yourself
How to Build Your Own Cool Suit System:
How To Video - Click Here DIY
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Included in kit.
(2)   Through wall adapters
(2)   Barbed plugs - 1/4 Flow (7/16 Plug OD) for 1/4 ID Tubing
(2)   Barbed Sockets - 1/4 Flow (7/16 Socket ID) for 1/4 ID Tubing with auto shut off
(1)   Modified Tsunami T500 pump
(15) Feet of 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD tubing

Tools / Items Needed:

Ice Chest (We use the Coleman 28qt Performance Cooler for our systems) Available at WalMart

Phillips Screwdriver


Permanent marker

1/4" to 3/4" and 1/4" to 1 3/8" Step Drill Bit Set - Harbor Freight Item #69088

Hot Glue Gun or Attwood Marine Polyurethane Sealant (Available at Wal Mart in the Marine Section)

Begin by selecting the pump location.

Check pump for removal/install clearance. Be sure the pump will be situated in the lowest area of the cooler when the cooler is in the car, plane etc..

Install the pump base. Check pump for removal/install clearance again. Pump must be secured by hot melt glue or marine polyurethane sealant and stainless steel screws.

Place the hole template sticker on the outside of the cooler where you would like the tubing and power to attach. Look to see if anything will obstruct the cooler lines or power attachment before you begin to drill.

Mark areas to be removed with permanent marker. Remove the template sticker so it does not get tangled in the drill.

Using a drill with a step-drill attachment, drill the three necessary holes on the outside of the unit. The through wall socket adapter holes must be 11/16” and the electrical hole must be 1/4”Drill the inside of the through wall socket holes to 3/4” or larger to accommodate the backing nut, if necessary. You may remove foam as necessary.

Install the through wall sockets and gently tighten the backing nuts, if needed.

Attach pump to pump base. Run pump wires out of electric plug hole.

Attach a foot or two of tubing from upper through wall socket into the cooler.Run tubing from lower through wall socket to pump.

Verify pump wires pulled through electric plug hole. Power wires are as follows. Brown wire is positive +. Black Wire is negative -. Red wire is provided for the positive connection. Black wire is for the negative connection. The 12 volt power adapter has a fuse in it. If you choose not to use the 12 volt adapter, please make sure you use a 2 to 5 amp fuse in your system.

Test cooler electrical with a 12 volt plug now. DO NOT add any water to the unit at this time. Listen to hear if the pump is running. If it runs, proceed. If it does not run, check you electrical connections again. There is also a fuse in the tip of the 12 volt adapter cord to check.

Place cooler connector side down. Apply hot melt glue or marine polyurethane sealant to the inside of all three connections to prevent water from seeping out of cooler unit. Allow hot melt glue or marine polyurethane sealant to dry/cure.

Length of cooler to shirt hose is up to you. 6 foot is recommended. Cut the remaining tubing into (2) 6 foot lengths. Attach the barbed plugs to one end of the hose.Zip tie the hoses together every 6 inches. Do not over-tighten zip ties. Trim the zip ties.

Trim the end of the hoses evenly and attach the barbed plugs.

Place Ultra Chiller stickers on unit.

Attach the cooler to shirt hose and power adapter to the cooler. Attach hose to shirt, plug power adapter into vehicle and enjoy!

Add a few inches of water and ice cubes.

Please send a picture of your completed unit to sales@ultrachiller.com and we will post it on our website!

Cooler Care:
Drain & dry cooler after each use. Leave lid open for a day or two to allow it to fully dry before long term storage