Race day ENDS in staging..

How many times have you gone to the track and worked right up until staging?

Last night was the hardest night of your life, barely made it to the track and on arrival, the work wasn’t finished. It never is. Wrenched late into the night and got up early the next morning to make sure the car was perfect for the race.

Strap into your race car and start to slow down. Sitting in staging and finally have a second to relax. It’ll be sometime before the race starts. The warm sun is shining. Eyelids heavy.

The group before ours is still on the track. People outside of the car are still wearing sweaters, but you are cooking in the midday sun.

This is where Ultra Chiller comes in.

Reach up on the dashboard and flip the switch you labeled “Cool Suit” to the ON position. Feel the water flow into the shirt and instantly you are AWAKE, ALERT and AWARE.

Making it through staging is a breeze now. Totally ready for the race ahead. All the preparation. All the effort. All the money, YOU put into this day. Guarantee you’re ready for the moment when the green flag drops. Ultra Chiller be there to keep you at peak performance.

Don’t let your race day END in staging. Our Cool Suit system is a GAME CHANGER. You want EVERY advantage you can get on the track. Staying focused and mentally clear in the race will put you on the podium. I’ve watched it again and again, we WIN RACES.